Meet the Dog Trainer

My name is Yuruani Olguin, and I am a certified dog trainer. From the time I can remember, I have always had a passion for dogs and their connection with humans.

I am a member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers, and I also work closely with several rescue groups, rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues to help them find a forever home. I have extensively researched dog psychology and the way in which dogs learn and perceive the world around them. This knowledge helps me to teach each client how to better relate and communicate with their canine family member.

My dog training is based on positive reinforcement techniques, with a humane approach. I take into account all aspects of each individual dog’s situation, including breed, background, temperament and—very importantly—household environment.

I give private in-home training sessions throughout Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. I also offer group training classes in Long Island City, Queens.

+ Positive Reinforcement

Behavior Modification Through Positive Reinforcement

Preparing For Therapy Dog Certification
Puppy Socialization Class
On-leash Aggression
Desensitizing To City Life
Desensitizing To Equipment
Dog Aggression
Impulse Control
Basic Obedience
Tricks Training
Baby On The Way
Introducing Dog + Baby
Good Neighbor Etiquette

Why home training?

Your dog lives with you at home. This is where he misbehaves most often, so this is where training is most effective.


Learn to use your voice tones and body language to control your dog’s behavior both on and off lead.

Personalized training

Personalized training to fit your dog’s temperament, and your lifestyle and expectations.

Canine psychology works a bit differently than the human mind, and sometimes things that may seem common sense to us are not so for dogs. I will help you understand the way your dog perceives the world..

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